Board configuration

Features Overview

Agile Tools & Filters configuration allows to:

  • Enable/Disable the Agile Tools & Filters search bar on a board
  • Enable/Disable Bulk Change feature on the search bar
  • Enable/Disable Quick Filters
  • Customise search bar fields (see Customize search bar fields)
  • Apply screen layout optimisation 
  • Enable/Disable horizontal scroll

The configuration can be set globally by Jira administrator for the whole Jira instance or per board by the board administrator.

Board configuration

Setting the board configuration will overwrite the global Agile Tools & Filters configuration

The configuration can be performed on the Agile Tools & Filters Configuration screen which can be accessed from the Board Menu or Board Configuration.

Global configuration

The configuration will be applied on all boards and backlogs.

Global configuration can be accessed under http://YOUR_JIRA_URL/jira/secure/AgileToolsAndFiltersConfiguration

System->Add-Ons→Agile Tools and Filters Configuration