Filters & Tools menu

Filters menu

List of private & shared filters

 List of private or shared team filters for the board and backlog.

For more details see the Personalised Board & Backlog User Filters page. 

Save as..

Create private, shared or Quick Filters using a simple Save as dialog.

Manage filters

Filters Manager allows to manage:

  • Quick Filters
  • Backlog & board private & shared filters
  • Epics & Versions private & shared filters
  • Import Favourite JIRA Filters

For more details  see the Reducing the number of Quick Filters on the board & backlog page.

Tools menu

Bulk Change 

 Bulk operation allows to update all visible (filtered) cards directly from the board or backlog.

 See Agile Bulk Change page for more detail.

Horizontal scroll

See Horizontal scroll bar for multicolumn boards page for more detail.

Board settings

Global settings