Migrate filters between boards

Import & Export in the Filter Manager

The Filter Manager allows to import or export  all types of filters.


  • Copy filters between boards
  • Share set of you personal filters with your team members 
  • Publish JSON file with some generic filters on the project's wiki page
  • Edit multiple filters in a favourite text editor 

The filters can be exported using the Filter Manager tool.

Exporting to JSON format

The filters can be exported from the Board Filters, Backlog Filters or Shared Filters Tabs.

Filters use JSON format and can be edited manually.

Importing from JSON 

Filter Manager allows to create the following filter types:

  • Quick Filters
  • Private Board Filters
  • Private Backlog Filters
  • Shared Team Filters

Favourite Jira Filters are read only and can't be created using the import functionality.

Shared filters can imported by the board administrator only.

Import Errors

In some cases the import may be unsuccessful caused by:

  • Invalid format of the copied JSON 
  • Invalid JQL in the JSON - that may happen if Jira fields, projects, etc. will be deleted or renamed