Easy board filtering using JQL

Use a simple search bar, and forget about Quick Filters.

New SearchBar on the board

Tasks on the board or backlog can be filtered using a well known Search Bar from the Issue Search screen. We’ve added some extra features:

Status indicator

Filtering status indicator shows if the filtering is active or not.

The icon can be shown/hidden in board settings.

Clear button

Clears currently selected filters or JQL in advanced mode.

Dimmed clear label means the filter is not set.

Filters menu

Use this menu to access user, board or global filters and forget about Quick Filters.

See detailed overview of the feature here: https://extensi.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ABF/pages/29757174/Plan+you+work+using+user%2C+team+or+global+filters

SearchBar fields customisation

Default SearchBar fields can be easily changed.

See detailed overview of the feature here: https://extensi.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ABF/pages/29948529/Customize+search+bar+fields

Advanced JQL mode

The Advance mode allows users to filter the board using JQL queries.

The editor fully supports JQL validation and auto-completion features.

Filter using JQL

Wildcards (Search syntax for text fields) in JQL

The Agile Tools & Filters fully supports JQL wildcards.

For more details checkout the JQL wildcards documentation


Search syntax documentation



  • Complex JQL may not be able to use Basic view and the search bar will automatically switch to Advanced JQL Mode

  • The "Auto-update search results-filtering" Jira option is disabled on the SearchBar. After you selected a value from a combobox the Update button has to be pressed to apply the filter.

  • Sorting using ORDER BY JQL clause is not supported and will be ignored.